San Diego Film Studios Inc

'Series A' funding nearing completion

RFP from EB-5 marketing firms

Our EB-5 project:

• Our job creating project is a large film studio in southern California, calculated to create 1,500 direct and indirect jobs; plus 200-300 construction jobs, and will be comprised initially of nine large sound stages, office, warehouse and restaurant space to accommodate well in excess of 1,000 people on-site.

• The studio will be built on 72 acres, including backlot, approximately twenty-five minutes drive from downtown San Diego, California.

• Our project location has had Targeted Employment Area (TEA) certification, and we continue to be eligible under the new EB-5 legislation of November 2019, at least throughout 2021 before we re-certify; and consequently is eligible for EB-5 investment amounts of $900,000 per family applicant.

• Our Series A funding Agreement for $6 million is scheduled for completion in mid-2021, and will contrubute to the land acquisition. The subsequent construction is budgeted at $60 million and will be funded from both a Series B round and from bank finance, and can potentially be replaced with EB-5 sourced funds.

• Phase 1 construction is scheduled to commence late-2023, with completion by 2025, at which time the studio will become fully operational. In the interim we will be commencing back-lot operations for media clients.

Our Partner requirements:

• We are seeking RFPs from in-country organizations that are familiar with the USA EB-5 program, and have access to HNW individuals who would be interested in USA Permanent Residency via the EB-5 program (which can be a pathway to USA citizenship).

• We would prefer to establish a long-term working relationship, particularly as we will have subsequent studio expansion phases that will also include media project funding.

• Partner remuneration will primarily be based on the successful implementation of agreed marketing strategy reaching marketing benchmarks and sales metrics.